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Ask me anything   Submit   Sharlit was like, “the one”. The one who everyone wanted to be. She was that one girl in the whole school that everybody knew, yet nobody hated. You could literally put effort into hating her, but it would be actually impossible (save one sassy-hearted individual, Violet). She had it all - a sweet aroma, platinum blonde curls, a white smile. But the most amazing thing, which was tenfold more stunning than all of her physical features, combined, was her positive, bubbly, energy filled personality that seemed to fire rays of joy that surged through your body whenever she was around. You could have seen her in the hallway, whether receiving a simple (amazingly pearly white) smile, or a full on “Hey!” accompanied with one of those flirty hand waves that kind of look like you're tickling somebody in a repetitive pattern. Seriously though, it was like, she could get along with the try-hard Asians, the stuck-up bitches, the stoners, the “tough guys”, the artsy folk, and the regular people without categories. She volunteered to help out with the special needs kids after school, and at least once or twice a week she would hang out at with the smoke pit kids – but wouldn't smoke. She could be friends with anyone.

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